January 17, 2009

From Paris to London

Hey guys,

Basically today is Saturday and we actually HAD SCHOOL! And i had freaking had to go because if i were to not too then well lets just say homework way too much too cope with. So while most of you may be partying the day out tomorrow i'll be stuck home doing bundles of homework! Golly the fun!

Anyways today my parents left to PARIS, FRANCE! Yes im not joking and no they're seriously not here. Hmmmm why didnt i follow? When i beg or even ask them their reason is that when they were our age they never got on an plane. HELLO parents of the world that was THOSE days not these day so try to uderstand. Of course saying all these seems much easier on the blog thus IM STILL IN MALAYSIA! Golly the fun again!

School was funny as usual and also very very very tiring! Me, and QM spent most of the day laughing about a certain GB. Of which im not saying who all i can say is ??!! Nothing yes nothing. So back to topic parents are in Paris then they're going to London! Golly the fun again and again FOR THEM! cos im still stuck here.

Anyways all i can say is parents should not be allowed to go to countries with rory's just cos they dont know how appreciate them. And we do! And they are the main ATTRACTION of those countries! Well who cares as said pish posh! Oh yeah my parents even made my wound of not going, deeper by saying that they are going to london to check out if its good for me to study in the future. But unlike all the other rich spoilt kids in the world i'll have to get a scholarship which is a.k.a very hard but im gonna try my best! :) PROMISE!

I wanna be a kickass LAWYER forMyself hahahah and QM when she goes to jail :P

***check out the new layout you like?! I love :D

*** OMG mAN uTd just beat Bolton they're on top of the table with a game in hand i need Liverpool to loose to Everton! So pray fellow blog readers

out & about,


Diamond said...

Well, at least you don't have to work today, like I do! :-)

Shanya said...

Yup i guees im lucky for now but still a bit sore cos they're gone and im here hahahaha

QM said...

You ARE my lawyer :D

Shanya said...

HAHAHA yeap but the rate ur going i think ur gonna need one sooner! :P