February 22, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire ;)

Hey guys,
So guess what?!! Yesterday i watched SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE!!!!! After what seems like ages of begging and blabbing and mourning just to catch any movie!!!! I finally caught one! And it was majorly awesome!!! Wuhoot! Well it was a good movie in short! And i am telling each and every one of you go CATCH THIS MOVIE! Seriously no joke * the no joke face*! Anyways now im rooting for Slumdog Millionaire to make a clean sweep at the Oscar's tomorrow! Yippy!
Ppl i warn you dont listen to what ppl have to say about the movie, just go catch it and judge urself because i think it differs to ppl. So the decision is in you're POCKETS! :)

Most ewwww worthy chair squirming scene:
Boy drops into shit hole and comes out covered in shit just to meet his idol

Heart wrenching scene:
The boys mum gets whacked brutally to death.

Disgusting - inhumane scene:
TONS! But one was insane the dude digged out a boys eye cos blind singers get double.

Watch it to get it! Anyways it just made me remember that lifes not always good and just be thankful that you're living a comfortable life! And human-beings have to stop acting like animals and act the way the were meant to by god! Honestly!

**Anyways guys tell my ur opinions of the movie once u've catched it ;)
*** Remember i warned you it differs to ur taste but of course if ur taste is as good as mine then it shudnt be a problem! (just kidding ;) hahahaha
**** After i watched the movie i sms'ed lina got really scared that i wouldnt get a rory even if i go UK cos simple math and so i have to go US! But the law is different here from there!!! AHHHHHH! I guess my peeps just gotta keep reminding me and i've gotta have good endurance skills!

Out and about,


Til said...

I just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire five minutes ago and came on to write about it when your story came up at the top of my following thing (that makes me feel like a stalker). It's almost like you reached into my brain and stole my idea! Joking, but that's so coincidental.


But yeah, I reckon it was a really, really good movie too, although the rest of my family kind of had it spoilt for me because I was sitting in the next room hearing what they were saying while watching it yesterday, so I knew what was going to happen most of the time.

I have to agree, the crap scene was GROSS. I was just like PLEASE DON'T DO IT, PLEASE DON'T DO IT, Oh ew.

The blind being paid more thing was really sad.

The whole movie was a bit depressing. Even the ending was a bit depressing, with the brother killing himself/almost killing himself but getting killed.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

dayana said...

oh my god no fair! i've been wanting sangatttt to watch this! god, it won like so many golden globes. it even has an entire wikipedia page for the awards it won tau :O dah keluar kat cinema kan?


Anonymous said...

hi, weii syuen here. no doubt about Slumdog millionaire being a good movie.
oh, ANGELINA JOLIE, BRAD PITT were both awesome in Changeling and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button respectively, i hope the two of them win the oscars. Plu , Meryl Streep's perfomance seems to be extraordinary, second fav actress after Angelina Jolie, lol . It's Meryl's 15th nomination, to make it short, Watch all her movies and Angelina's, they're goddamn awesome !!!

-weii syuen

rory said...

unfaiiiiiiiirrrr muchhh!

rory said...

unfaiiiiiiiirrrr muchhh!


that is my dhesh... hindusthan....

Shanya said...

Til - Hahahah gr8 minds think alike! It was a gr8 movie loved every second of it, probably one of the only reasons why im even watching the oscars today! I've always felt the oscars were a tad bit dry but this movie made me change my mind just for this year :D!

Dayana - Yup Dayana its already out and its awesoem you soooo gotta catch it!!!!

Weii Syuen - Hahhaha you and ur angelina jolie and bradd pitt! But i really want to watch Benjamin Button!!!!! Like hell!!!

Rory - Hahahah :P

Harish - Ohkay

**tnx guys for commenting!! Go watch it!!!!

QM said...

the best movie!
the scene when he splashed into the pool of shit was EWW!!!


Najihah Hakim said...

i loveeeee slumdog millionaire!