February 17, 2009

Rocas Mi Mundos (Rocks My World)

Hey guys,

I got all the time of the world to blab and i am so in the mood for some good ol' blabbing! Why? I'm having a terribl;e tummy ache and im not in school right now though i am supposed to be ( thank the tummy ache for that). So here i am tadaa! Okay before you actually continue reading the post lemme just warn you of the physchotic contents:

1) Unappropriate songs
2) Physcho human beings

** So dont forget the warning alert okay!

So here's how it started. I'm not sure what me, QM, Lina were talking about on Monday, probably just the usual usual blabs and laughs. Then the topic turned to What song do you want to be sang at you wedding? WTF ryte! We were just spoofing around to pass time since one of the teachers didnt come to class. Basically the idea was we were going to sing at each others so called and the deal it was mainly oh so funny because of the song choices!

- Lina : had SUPERMASSIVE blackhole ( Muse) & we were all going to dress up in scuba suits with THE GEAR! Why? Because it came as a set and we didnt know how to take it out?!

- QM : She was placed with a song filled with the four letter word. And in one word we also had to slick back our hair and probably dye it Blonde to look like her beloved Westlife ( so not making sense right)! I warned you!

- Me : Yeah the song was the Fire song. I'm not sure whats the real tittle but theres a chorus of FIreeeeeee! Why fire? Yeay you've probably watched Indian wedding and yeah theres fire literally.. wtv's
- Alliya : Yeah we are all going drunk or at least acting drunk and singing Natasha Bedingfield's I wanna have your babies. Why? Hmmm yeah because theres was this palm reading kinda thingy and Alliya had 6 or 7 children according to the wise one!

- Sze Yan - Yeah we better start bucking up on those TVXQ lyrics and songs or we're so doomed :D

- We also were talking about how UNFAIR life is. The whole bunch of life is unfair, the part where COLDPLAY is coming to singapore probably but NOT malaysia! That sucks MAJORLY!

*** Btw choices of songs are not options of the person
**** I WARNED you!
***** Life's too short to care what others think as long as you're happy lifes all good!

Out & About,


rory said...

hahahaha omg alliya's kids are gnna b sooo adorable in the tree burning costume :P alliyas gnna kill me now

lalloya said...

u missed ur milkshake song, shanya. how can u evr forget tht?

Til said...

That's too bad about Coldplay - maybe you could go to Singapore and see them, lol!

Shanya said...

Hahahha rory so agreeing her kids are gonna be CUTEEEEEE! Hahahah!
Alliya you better pus that song out of ur freaking mind! :P
Yeah Til i really hope i could but the "parents" yeah they are difficulT~!

QM said...

whr's d milkshake song???!!
awww alliya's kids are gonna be the dancing-burning-trees:P

AHHAHAAHA!! If u ban us, we'll crash u on tht very day!