September 4, 2008


I have no clue but i feel so ever so empty today. I feel like all i've done so far has not worked out and im leading a very dull life. The cause of this has to be pmr. Its making me feel empty. At times i wish i was someone else. Ppl talk but they do not know what i go through. I guess i cant blame them cos i am personal person i like keeping things to myself and always am happy on the outside I guess most ppl around me dont seem that worried bout pmr but thats all i can think bout for no apparent reason. I need to get those A`s or not i would probably have to face with tons of shit which i shall not go into detail about. I just dont want to be the let down in my family i suppose. I just dont want it to be me. It can not be me. Anyways i am really studying these days hopefully there will be enough time for me to make up myself. And yes this is me emo'ing unbelievable but true.


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