April 15, 2008

MAN U vs. ARSENAL(13/4/08)

FYI the man u n arsenal game(13/4/08) as i mention on my previous post went well but a seriously dangerous well. Man u won 2-1. goals were scored by C.ronaldo(hottie) n Owen Hargreaves(sze yan u like this guy rite).
well ronaldo scored a penalty goal n hargreaves scored a superb freekick goal. of course this all happen after arsenal scored (adabayor)) so well lets just say it was scary. In terms of who played better i would say arsenal just cos they attacked more n they scored the first goaldatz when Man u's dreams of winning the premier league seem to soar away....But thankfully 4 man u supporters(unfortunately 4 arsenal's supporters) arsenal made certain mistakes dat could have been well JUST NOT MADE. Basically if arsenal had Man u's defenders(the best defenders in the premier league rite now in my opinion) they would have easily won the game.
I am personally SO NOT an arsenal fan but you cant help but pity them. It looked as though it was their season this season BUT it all just started plunging downwards after injuries.
So right now im hating chelsea cos they are just irratating me(hahahaha)
right now my only fav player in chelsea is peter the goalkeeper but since he's injured all the more reasons to hate chelsea 4 me.......My advice to arsenal n their manager buy more DEFENDERS in the next window.and fabregas u still rock no matter how arsenal are...hahahahha.....datz all 4 now

Man u's no.1 fan & Fabregas tooooo


sharanya said...

fabregas n c. ronaldo r ULTRA hot.....hahaha:) FYI'ing u guys..

Anonymous said...

hey im syr
YAY for Man.u
ahah amira might be soo happy :)

sharanya said...

yeah totally yeah for man u gal

Marnina said...

Well written article.

sharanya said...

seriously...well i dont know you but thankS :D