April 15, 2008


2day i went to skool n i now officialy have 3 projects. 3!
n 2morrow i will be getting my menti(protege)...hopefully i dont get D.
this week thursday i'ii be be going 2 watch the phantom of the opera play at sri cahaya.
i seriously think i will be the only one actually watching it as for my other frens(alliya,lina..n QM)
will be 2 busy watching sumethin else(rite sze yan)ahhahaha
Did i mention b4 dat i'm the form representative 4 ELS. beat haziq to it.
would like 2 thank all my supporters hahahhaha.
i have my geografi tuition later in the evening n im sooooo malas cos i gotta walk to tuition.and the fact DAT PMR (very very important exam is in like wat 5 months time....im so screwed
i wish ...hope...pray....love....n want to get those 7 a's...
Thats all 4 2day check out my opinion on the man u n arsenal game(13 april 08)
on my next post ... bye...


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