March 9, 2008

Pressure***S of boredneSS

hey ppl,

Well today the hols..r goin on but dont jump its just a one week term break...(useless rite) i know!! was really boRINK***..yesterday nite me n shaun kept killing(teasing) sze yan on messenger...

she really wanted to skin us alive if she had a chance....i kno i kno im so not!!! im a good girl...

(heard dat sze yan)...hhahahh

im already kinda bored with the holiday routine i seriously got nothing TO do....(lame rite)

so basically im on9 24/7.....

this mornin chatted with shaun n sze yan then she had to chatting with another fren of mine weng hoh....
and now i just finished chatting with khairul who is annoying...(but funny) sakit hati chatting with tis guy..(SO)
Btw..guys n gals out there believe me when i tell u to check the stuff below out (cos its really good the it things 4r 2day) :***
***bleeding love by leona lewis***
***10000 BC****
***n the latest clique novel*** N dont forget bout
*** david archuleta's performances on utube*** kay ...kay!!!

Sharanya....(luv you peeps).

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