May 22, 2008

Champions League Ultra Hotness :0

hey hot ppl,
first of all yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
...............................MANCHESTER UNITED WON THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE......................................
yessssss baby they beat chelsea on penalties after drawing 1-1 during the first half
man it was a physco match to watch...pure was so intense i nearly puked **)
lemme tell u all bout it:
First half:
ronaldo scored first and man u played a better game overall in the first half. chelseas goalie peter wtv was on full throttle mood he saved tons.....and denied man u a second goal many times(no wonder he's the best goalie in the world) Then chelsea hit back during extra time with a gr8 goal by Lampard. It was an intense first round as tempers could be senn starting to boil over.
Second half:
Chelsea bammed back with full attacking force. They were on a roll. Second half i would totally give it to them. But thank gawd they didnt score. Cos for a moment there i really felt as though they were gonna repeat wat they did to man u in their premier league game last time n all. But no one scored even in extra time so it was to added time we headed to......(biting nail)(so nawt thats so gross).
Added Time:
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I was majorly freaked out by now hands n face were in my knees.
Ok so then they played n played n played. Many players started dropping. Ferdinand was the first though cos it was really tiring n i guess they werent used to having to play added time.
AND THEN......drogba(a.k.a. the guy i warned in my previous post for breaking my boyfrens jaw) did NOT listen to me. im so gonna kill dat guy. but wtv cos it was a blessing in disguise to man u. drogba slapped vidics face and was given a RED card out he went ....bye , bye , bye,
the game continued but ppl kept dropping so it ended.
ding* ding* ding* here comes the penalty shoot out!!!(i was still nervous cos chesea always gets the better of man u)
PENALTY shoot out:
Scared wasnt even the way i felt it was more of a im so effing die'ing if they loose. But head were held low NAD rain was puring and so the penalty shoot out started. it was all good until just until RONALDO missed his penalty at that point united fans all over the whole must have felt the same feeling as i did. i really felt as though they were gonna loose. But then when all hopes fade a new window opened......john terry missed his penalty that could have won it for chelsea(the best part was van der sar did'nt save it it HIT THE EFFING GOALPOST. Not only that but john terry wouldnt have even took the penalty if DROGBA was still in(pdn muke drogba)(but i pity terry)
At that moment united heads were held up once again to see whether maybe just maybe they had a chance. It started again and the the moment where all man u fans jumped out of their minds came. anelka took his shot and it was blocked by none other than Edwin Van Der Sar:) man u had officially won the
Prize giving ceremony:
Chelsea went first all was taken.Avram Grant had to take clever drogba's medal with his together. It was then when we could see avram's face sulking the worst we've ever seen.
Then it was none other than the champions MANCHESTER UNITED to get their trophy that they deserved.
Fans were roaring when giggs and ferdinand held up that cup.
glory glory MAN U

Sharanya(loving the fact that manchester united won)

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