May 22, 2008

Premier League HOTNESS:0

hey hot chiCA's
-Man u beat Wigan to ultimately reclaim their tittle as premier league champions yet again:)
-Chelsea drew and this means that THEY werent even same on points with MAN U...hahaha pdn muka!
# I totally heart Man U, Giggs, Ronaldo, & Rooney... xoxoxo
Me Love:

for scoring the first goal (penalty) :*

Wayne Rooney

for gettin the penalty :*

Ryan Giggs

for securing man u's win(scored second goal)

Man u's fab team of 07/08


On the whole this was a gr8 season for man u they not only played the better football they were also the ones that truly deserve it for all their hard work from the start of the season.... was a good game to watch
$$ I bet the final in moscow is going to be a HARD one. tensions will FLARE and friendship will BREAK$$
hopefully man u wins though:)
My fav club in the whole world MANCHESTER UNITED

(sorry for the super late post been kinda busy)


Najiha said...

ballack is the hottest :P

sharanya said...

vidi's the hottest!