November 28, 2008

Three Years :'(

hey ppl,

This means a lot to me well this post describes all my feelings towards my classmates. Me and Lina agreed to write a post each on how being a LAMBDARIAN made us who we are. For me it harder i came in to this new school two years ago wondering oh god how in the hell am i gonna start from scratch at finding new friends. Would ppl even "layan" me?

My first day: I was put in a class called 1 Alpha 2 WHat a weird name i know but this became the future Lambda. My first official person i met was alliya who stole my pen.... lol just kidding. Then i was asked to sit in front so well i sat beside syaza and made new friends whom were all in the front. There were Shaun,Vimal & Arvin, Syaza, Athirah & Alliya. Well as the year passed by our class was the craziest. I also met Sze Yan who is one of my homies now. lol.

The next year well it was exactly the same just lesser craziness but it all lasted only for a few weeks because new ppl entered our class. We loved form 2 it was the bang!!! Meanwhile all my friendships got stronger i would say.

Then form 3 blasted in!!!! We all were crazier than crazy!!! PMR got to our heads i guess. Then came in QM and Lina!! Haahahh!! I cant still remember the whole alliya abeing friendly freaky. It makes me laugh at how that worked out. And well me, Alliya, Sze yan, Lina, Thira, & QM were crazy together. Our twisted minds worked at the same wave-lnghts that well only we could understand each other. As we got to know each other we realise we had two things in common though how different we are. i mean it we ARE different! but the two things we have in common are RORY'S & AIMINING SUPER HIGH(the sky's our limiy believe me)

** I have met AMAZING ppl made amazing friends. I could have never fit or be put in a class that fit be better than this LAMBDA!!!!! love my classmates** No matter where we each go neXt year i know that these ppl are surely to be as crazy as they have always been :)

signing off,
3 years lambda always a LAMBDA!!!!


Anonymous said...

i ve been a lambda for a year. but i still feel so sad for not knowing them longer.-lina

Shanya said...

Just imagine the pain i feel. Just knowing that after 3 years i wont have any back security. I wont have my comfort matress.

Nadzayy; said...

that's you. imagine my first day in ssp, having to search for nw friends, and having to cope with the really oh so packed schedule;)

Shanya said... i miss u nadz...its been way too long...
But i hae certainly fund friends with the best ppl in the world... just like you :D

C's said...

feel so giddy all a sudden.
sigh* 3 L was a cool & funky class.
Hopefully nxt year we'll still be as close & crazy like now=)