November 27, 2008


hey ppl,

***hahah sorry i just had to mget that out straight. Especially those so-called twilighters who dont have the same passion for everything twilight concern like me and my frens....

We went to One Utama to lyke watch it. And believe me the Movie was AWESOME!!!! It was Funny, Sad, Gut-Wrenching movie ever!!! Though i'm a lil' bit dissapointed about the kissing scene i mean come on' we're old enuff for god's sake. It was like one minute edwards by bella the next he's jumping to the wall??? (very annoying that they cut it)
The scene that probably made the most or in my opinion more than i could ever imagine when reading the book was the **drumrolls** THE BASEBALL SCENE!!!! It was the freaking most awesome thing i've seen. Jasper look HOT LIKE FIRE! and Emmett was so FUNNY! and Edward looked plain HOT (UNDOUBTED AS EVER)! Alice & Carlisle & Rosalie & Esme looked TRE'S COOL AS WELL!! And the music was sooooo right *supermassive blackhole-muse**. IT was WOW WORTHY! Me & Lina were HYPERVENTILATING MAJORLY! I was practically out of air that was how freaking COOL it was!! You have to totally watch it to know what i mean... WOW
The part that caught me off guard and made me kinda sad but not till nears but very near was the bella & charlie fight. It was soooo sad. ahhhhhhh
Basically this was definately the best movie ever(i might be be facist towards thes books and movies cos well i think of them as my babies) but it is a MUST WATCH! I REPEAT MUST WATCH!!!
Me,Lina,Alliya,Sze Yan & QM have formed a new group TEAM EdCobJasMetCarLie

**signing off wishing JACOB HAD MORE PARTS AND LESSER HAIR!!! but he's still my cutie!!

shanya**physcho for TWILIGHT


rory said...

I like the I wished that Jacob had more parts and lesser hair

C's said...

haha so true rory.

Edward was better in movie then real life.
Jasper was surprisingly hot
Carlisle was HOT!!!

omg i cnt wait for New Moon noww!!

Nadzayy; said...

shoot you! i'm going to watch it next tues, can't waaaaiiitt:D i've read the novel, and overall, it was okay lah, normal storyline. but the characters are very strong and i like it. EDWARD CULLEN *drooling*

Shanya said...

rory dont we all wish dat as well*sigh* im in love with Jacob Black :))))

Shanya said...

C's well i cant wait for new moon as well. its supposed to be out 2010 only. ahhhhh. And jasper was suprisingly hot!!

Shanya said...

Nadzayy u should totally watch it A.s.a.p.
Believe me its worth ur money:)))
jacob all the way :P