November 7, 2008


I have not posted anything at all recently..and to be honest have no idea wat to write now. But since many ppl have asked me to post sumthing.... so i am just gonna blab. enjoy :)
monday's is the last day of skool....and i hv to go for stuff ....
today i managed to connect with an old fren....
yesterday was class party: - me and lina were drunk singing katy perry's songs %)
- babbled the whole day through with the girls
- and f.y.i guys hv no life
- missing qm
- only a few ppl didnt come
- and i think i mastered julian casablanca's drunk mode %)
i'm just bored... and we kinda havent planned anything much for holidays yet me especially:
so hit me up with ur plans so we can partaaaaaaay 2gether ;)
In football u is doing better now.. but still!!!
I'm in love with Gabriel!
sze yan - post sumething!
nuts clan - jom keluar ah! im bored kat umah
sher lin - lets go out and post sumething... im blurghhh bored
btw i've got scandolous news...tons and tons of gossip worthy things to tell qm
and one more bloody ba***** u spread rumours ur asking for it retard!

hating bloody ba*****,


Bellamy said...

lemme guess bastard is ehem
and you knw wht he is
oh oh u seem to be hating all the people ahah

sharanya said...

i dont know ehem... hahaha but i think its ehem...n yes i am in a hate ppl mode ryte now these day basically.