January 29, 2009

My Top 10 Guy Crushes

Hey guys,
Wow 4 post in a day. A total record broken! Gasp! Anyways anyhows the list below show that we're not exactly Lesbians cos mainly theres 10 guys to a ratio of 5 girls well wtv in the hell im crapping its just crap ! So bare n trust me if ur straight this list should be googled INSTANTLY!

1. Ole Sorensen ( model that rules my life)

2. Cesc Fabregas (true Man Utd fan but he's way too hot to resist :P)

3. Nemanja Vidic ( yes yes i admit Football is also watched by me for them but i LOVE the game)

4. Taylor Lautner ( Jacob Black is myne myne muahahah)

5. Chace Crawford ( sorry QM he's hot )
6. Chris Martin ( Coldplay = LOVE)
7) Jensen Ackles ( Supernatural HOTTIE )
8) Rafael da Silva ( hot Man Utd protoge )
9) Sam Way ( model esque')
10)Josh Duhamel ( arghhhh he's married!)
** I love this post now all my hot guys are wrapped into one bubble wrap!
*** They are hot arent they! Wuhoot!
Out & About,


QM said...

chace is MINEE!!!

but yeah, all r HOT!

lalloya said...

haha i love ur list but seriously, vidic? hahaha

Shanya said...

Hahahah i did say sorry QM but he's to hot! Tnx i know i have gud tastebuds for guys ! :D

Shanya said...

Vidic is my major guilty pleasure you shud see him play alliya then you wud know hot effing hot is he!!!! hahahah

keero! said...

hotty alert!
guys, guys, guys!

Shanya said...

Yup so ive hard the ALERT!

rory said...

hahahaha vidic is sharans buff footballer hottie

Shanya said...

Hahahah :P Yup my hot buff footballer defender !

Anonymous said...

Woot, a non-Edward fan. Jacob is way better than the sparkly personality-less vampire and you have taste. What about Milo V from Heroes?

idzy said...

oi you luper letak nama i dekat no 1


Shanya said...

Tnx Til and yup GO JACOB! Milp V is in my top 20 though isaac mendes yup he's on top 15! Idzham dont worry ur too good thats why ur not in the list next time u'll be in! hahahah

Anonymous said...

Isaac? What, Peter is way better looking! And no. 3 on your list is very good-looking!

Shanya said...

Til Idk i kinda like the shaggy scruff thing that was going on with isaac hahahah! Number 3? are you serious or joking? cos everybody as you can see above dont seem to think Vidic is hot except me! hhahahahah